Survive, Fight, Thrive

Fear is a very powerful emotion. Fear is also a double-edged sword. On one hand, fear can by healthy and even keep you safe. On the other hand, fear can be incapacitating.Those who have suffered abuse, know the heaviness of fear in their lives. The fear of trusting, loving, and letting someone in again. The fear of being hurt both physically and emotionally.The title of “survivor” doesn’t just denote surviving one incident for us. We survive every single day. The fear never goes away, but we learn to control it. The scars never completely heal, but we learn to cover them. We survived the abuse, but we also survive the day. Each time we go to work, school, a social event, or family gathering. We survive.We are more than survivors. We are fighters. We fight every day to reclaim our lives, our dreams, and our souls. We fight for others who are battling the same. We fight for the safety of our children. We fight for stronger sentences, better laws, and more protection.Never underestimate yourself. You are a survivor and a fighter. You’ve faced some of the worst in society and yet you are still standing, still fighting. Never give up that fight.You may grow weary. When you do, reach out. There are more strong survivors out there ready to help carry you through when you need it. When you have extra strength, don’t be afraid to share your power with a survivor who is growing weary of the battle. Together, we will not only survive, but we will thrive.

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