Dented Soul

A Dented Soul

Oh yeah you’re like a diamond in the rough

You’re dirty and you’re damaged all you needs a little love

But inside you sparkle like the stars above

And you’ll be there in the morning when the going gets tough

~ Diamond in the Rough

Social Distortion

Yep that’s me alright. I don’t know about dirty, I do shower daily. Damaged, well let’s just say my soul resembles those cans being sold at 75% off because they are so dented up no one will buy them. Hey the food on the inside is the same as all those nice, neat, undented cans. Who wants a damaged can though? First impressions are crucial and we are an aesthetically driven society. If the can is dented on the outside what in the world is wrong with the inside? How did the can get dented in the first place? The thoughts run through your mind. What was so wrong with that particular can someone felt the need to slam it into the ground? Did a steam roller get a hold of it? Did the can become so offensive someone tried to destroy it completely?

Maybe, just maybe, the can was an innocent bystander. Perhaps some destructive toddler intent on having his own way used it to show his rate to his parents. Maybe said toddler grabbed the can and chucked it at his father’s head because daddy wouldn’t buy him a candy bar. Maybe some teenager came along and thought it would be funny to see the contents of the can splattered on the floor. Perhaps someone had a bad day and decided to use the can as a way to vent his frustrations.

This can rolled out of the factory all shiny and pretty with hopes of feeding a family. This can only want to please yet it finds itself alone surrounded by “perfect” cans. It feels the isolation of being different, damaged creeping into its soul.

Someone stops, picks up the can, inspects it, notices the label missing and tosses it back on the shelf. You say you feel bad for the can but how can you buy it not knowing what the can contains. We would all love a guarantee what we are buying is exactly what we wanted.

Don’t you enjoy surprises though? What a boring world this would be if we always knew what to expect. This can could possibly hold the best soup you’ve ever tasted. Yet you passed it up due to its lack of perfection.

And though this soul is damaged, it could hold the love you’ve searched for your entire life. Go ahead push a little harder, add a bit more pressure. Sooner or later I will outshine them all in someone’s eyes.

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