Meet Deanna

Deanna is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, domestic abuse, and human trafficking. Deanna shares her message of transforming from a victim to a survivor to a thriver to inspire others to never give up on themselves. She also speaks out to empower others to understand signs of abuse, relationship red flags, and to speak out if they suspect abuse or are being abused as well as giving others the confidence to reach out to friends or family they believe may be in need of help due to abuse.

After years of minimizing my abuse, therapy, bad choices, more therapy, and arguing with myself, I decided it is time to do this. It is time to tell my story, share my writings, and bare my soul. I do this knowing there will be some who will not believe me. I know I will lose friends and family. But what I gain is more important. I gain my self-esteem, my self-respect. I can hold my head up high knowing I’ve told the truth. I lived through hell and came out stronger.

Deanna is available for speaking engagements and training workshops.

Would you like to share your story, but remain anonymous?