Emerging from the Dark

Emerging From The Darkness became a reality for me during the pandemic in 2020. Before the pandemic, I kept myself too busy to have time alone. I worked multiple jobs, I volunteered, I went to school, anything to keep me busy.

For that, I had three failed marriages, two degrees, two amazing children, and a mind that was still a mess. Then the pandemic hit. I lost both my jobs, had to quarantine, and suddenly had too much time alone. The first month or two was hard for me. I slept, I overate, then I slept some more. Finally toward the end of July I pulled myself out of the depression. I started writing, and thinking. I began de-cluttering. It was the de-cluttering that did it.

First, a childhood friend posted some old pictures she found of a slumber party she had. There was a particular picture I was in and if you looked you could see the pain and emptiness. Second, I found some old report cards, homework, and other things from my childhood. I was amazed at what I saw. You could see a change in my writing when my abuse increased to a daily occurrence and then again when that abuser was no longer in my life. Then you saw another change when my second abuser began. The third thing actually happened before the pandemic. A second cousin contacted me. I remembered she stayed with us for part of
the summer when I was little. I found out one of my abusers abused her as well. Lastly, I found an amazing group of survivors, or rather the founder of the group found me. Together we are writing a series of books. The first contains 17 true stories, written by survivors, of childhood sexual abuse. The Survivor Memoirs is now available on Amazon. Our next two books will contain true stories of domestic abuse and mental health.
After years of minimizing my abuse, therapy, bad choices, more therapy, and arguing with myself, I decided it is time to do this. It is time to tell my story, share my writings, and bare my soul. I am available for interviews and speaking engagements.

If you are a survivor, please feel free to reach out to me either here or on my social media channels. You can also text me at 1+ (314) 370-2908

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